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For clean,
crystal-clear and

And happy fish.

AQUARIUM-FRESHER - Our algae-blocker for freshwater aquariums

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Our algae-blocker for freshwater aquariums

Sooner or later, nearly every aquarium owner faces the problem of algae, clouding the water and growing on plants and objects.
The Aquarium-Fresher makes short work of it. Its unique technology stops algae growth and ensures crystal-clear water in your aquarium. And it does sustainably and without chemicals, so that animals and plants don’t suffer. This makes the Aquarium-Fresher a must have for every freshwater aquarium - whether you’re a newbie or a professional, a fish farmer or a shrimp keeper.


Particularly durable thanks to innovative diamond technology

Remarkable innovation: unique diamond electrode technology. It was developed in Austria and has been in use for years in the water treatment industry. The technology is robust, long-lasting and versatile, ideally suited for aquariums and harmless to its inhabitants, thanks to the innovative way it works.

So funktioniert's

How it works:

An aquarium is a complex ecosystem that can easily be brought out of balance. An area of particular sensitivity is the water quality. When that’s not right, it can lead to algae growth, cloudy water and lack of oxygen.

The Aquarium-Fresher aims for optimal water quality. The built-in diamond electrode releases the oxygen held in the water molecule (H20).
This atomic oxygen (O) attaches itself to organic matter, such as algae, suspended particles or left bits of food, and breaks them down.

Your water will be clean and clear and algae growth will be curtailed. In addition, molecular oxygen (O2) is produced, which is then available to the fish in its purest form.

The result: clean water, an algae free aquarium - and happy fish!

Why Aquarium-Fresher?


Your benefits



Flexible: easily adapted and expanded

Each complete system has an additional slot for a second aquarium fresher - this doubles its performance (up to 1,000 liters of aquarium volume). This means your aquarium fresher can grow with your aquarium if necessary!



The Aquarium-Fresher has an automatic cleaning function. It reverses the polarity between the Aquarium-Fresher and the power supply - and limescale deposits anddirt simply fall off. That means less cleaning and maintenance - and a guaranteed longer-lasting system.


Gentle for fish and plants

Once it is installed properly, the Aquarium-Fresher produces clean, clear and algae-free water, without negatively affecting the fish and plants. This sustainable andholistic approach is our key advantage over conventional water treatments.

3 steps to algae-free aquarium

Conveniently order online

Install in 5 minutes

Perform basic monthly cleaning*

* We recommend cleaning the Aquarium-Fresher once a month with our special cleaning tablets, to ensure it functions optimally.

What our customers say

Freshwater aquarium
"Fishkeepers Pfeifer in Bruck recommended the Fresher for me and I am exceptionally pleased with it. No more algae, the plants grow beautifully and the fish arethriving. An Austrian product with world market potential. Congratulations to its creators!"

Robert S, customer since 2016

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