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Can my fish get an electric shock?

No. Electrolysis occurs only inside the Aquarium-Fresher - right at the diamond electrode. No amount of electricity that would in any way affect the fish is passedinto the water.

Can the Aquarium-Fresher hurt my fish or plants?

The Aquarium-Fresher does not harm either flora or fauna. If the water has high conductivity and the Aquarium-Fresher is set to high, it is possible for fish or plantsto be affected. Over time, you would see changes in colour, nature or behaviour. So it’s important to check the conductivity of your water before you install theAquarium-Fresher, and to confirm what settings are right for you (based on the guidelines in the manual). In some cases, you might need to change some of yourwater to lower the conductivity. You should monitor the behaviour of your fish and the condition of your plants, especially when you first install the Aquarium-Fresher.

Do I have to clean my aquarium and remove all the algae before installing the Aquarium-Fresher?

We recommend you give your aquarium a basic clean before installing the Aquarium-Fresher. Otherwise, it will take longer to produce clear and clean water,especially if you have a lot of algae in your tank. Make sure to clean excessive algae from plants, glass, stones and any other decorations you may have.

Where should I place the Aquarium-Fresher?

To ensure optimal performance, the Aquarium-Fresher should be placed where the water flow is the strongest. Generally that is where the filter system’s circulation pump pumps the water back into the aquarium.

If I have a an Aquarium-Fresher, do I still need a UV filter or a ozone generator?

No. The Aquarium-Fresher is a gentle and effective alternative to chemicals or other technologies. It breaks down algae and dirt and prevents further algae growth bydepriving them of their main nutrients.

What kind of algae does the Aquarium-Fresher target?

The Aquarium-Fresher is designed to affect all algae, especially floating algae. Once it is operating, your water will become clearer very quickly. Some algae, such asbrush algae or diatoms, can be very difficult to get rid of. If your algae build-up is severe, you might need to manually remove algae from plants, decorations andglass before installing the Aquarium-Fresher.

I have very sensitive fish (such as discus fish). Can I still use the Aquarium-Fresher?

The Aquarium-Fresher is already being used in aquariums with many different fish - including discus fish, with no ill effects. However, we do recommendmonitoring the behaviour of your fish and adjusting the settings on your Aquarium-Fresher if necessary.

How long will it take for the water in my aquarium to be clear and algae free?

The Aquarium-Fresher’s results are dependent on various parameters, such as your settings, aquarium size and the conductivity of the water. Other factors also play arole, including the level of algae growth, cloudiness, and the number of fish and plants in the tank. Ultimately, the results will depend on your individual aquarium.Our experience, as well as that of many of our customers, is that results begin to be seen after just a few days. If floating algae have causing cloudiness, the waterwill often clear up in one or two days. But results can be faster or slower, depending on your situation.

Can I add CO2 to my aquarium water, when using the Aquarium Fresher?

Yes, CO2 can be added without any problem.

Can the Aquarium-Fresher also be used in salt water?

No, our product is exclusively designed for freshwater aquariums.

Can I raise the water conductivity in my aquarium?

It is possible to raise the conductivity of your water by adding special salts, available at most aquatic shops. The shopkeeper should be able to advise you. Do consult the manual, since it is important not to raise the conductivity above a certain level.

I’m a retailer and would like to stock the Aquarium-Fresher. How can I make that happen?

We are always delighted to receive enquiries from aquatics retailers. Send us an email via or give us a call. We would love to hear from you and would be happy to send you any information, price lists or promotional materials you might require.

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